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About company

In the history of the world motorcar construction "Formula 1" is an alloy of the newest technologies, advanced achievements of an
engineering idea, long trainings and aspiration of racing drivers.

Today the Ukrainian market has its own "Formula1" - it is a modern trade network which offers not only complex service to ordinary motor-car enthusiasts, but also to wholesale buyers. Kyiv company "Budivelnyk" has been working successfully on the Ukrainian market since 1994, and basing on its rich experience in both trade and distribution of motor-car spare parts and storage batteries, the company "Budivelnyk" has decided to unite the dealers from different regions of Ukraine into a single whole trade network, that has created the opportunities to provide the customers in any part of Ukraine quickly and effectively.

For the first time the trade network
"Formula 1" was presented on the international motor show SIA"1998.


At present the trade network "Formula 1" consists of regional warehouses and representations, at each of which there is a great variety of motor-car spare parts, auto chemistry and storage batteries of high quality. "Formula 1" is constantly continuing working on the exploration of new regions, expansion of trade assortment and putting the new models on the market of Ukraine.

Nowadays the trade network "Formula 1" is:
  • the biggest official dealer of ROBERT BOSCH GmbH in Ukraine;
  • the official dealer of storage batteries VARTA (Germany);
  • the exclusive distributor of storage batteries AAA (Italy), MIDAC (Italy),YUSIMI(South Korea), automotive chemicals PENRAY, SUPER-X (USA),car treatment The Treatment (USA);
  • the distributor of automobile lubricants CASTROL, VICOIL.

The trade network "Formula 1" as an official representative of company-producers gives qualified consultation to the clients and provides
with the service and guarantee for all goods.

The company"s distinctive peculiarity in organization of client"s service is that all goods are available in any regional warehouses.

If you have become a client of the network "Formula 1", you can place your order with the planned deliveries of storage batteries, auto chemistry and motor-car spare parts. The permanent clients are provided with a quick 24-hour delivery of order all over Ukraine from any of the regional warehouse. There is also a system of express-delivery. Any of 100000 spare parts, which are produced by Robert BOSCH GmbH, will be delivered from the warehouse in Kiev or to order within 5-7 days. The trade network "Formula 1" constantly carries on different actions to give the opportunities to regional whole-salers to enlarge their assortment with minimum capital investments.

The Company is constantly developing the network of service-partners "Formula 1" in order to provide with the most complete service of qualified installation of spare parts by specialists and also with guaranteed service and consultations.
When the action is carring on, some motor-car spare parts can be installed free of charge. There are some special offers about diesel oil equipment and spare parts for cars made in Russia, Ukraine and other countries from USS. "Formula 1" is interested in the development and financial benefit of partners: and the company helps the dealers to buy the equipment, decorate the trading hall and choose the assortment, provides with the advertisement support, ideology and trading technology.

We are always glad to meet new partners!

"Formula 1" is your car"s love formula.

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